Welcome to the Home of Saysh

Welcome to the Home of Saysh

Welcome Home.

We’re proud to introduce the Home of Saysh, a pop-up store that was located at Platform in Culver City, Los Angeles. We created the Home of Saysh to be a space for you – the Saysh Collective - to connect, grow and move with each other. Below, we explore the details of the space that were planned as intentionally and purposefully as our products.




In designing Home of Saysh, it was important to us that the space felt like a home. Not a store, a home.

We took inspiration from studios and galleries – places where people come together to create and share through workouts, inspiring conversation and exclusive experiences.

The space is sparsely decorated with hanging drapes and flowing curtains that frame the space.


The Saysh Table

The most important architectural element of the space is our Saysh Table.

Tables are where communities come together. And its prominent placement in the middle of our space was intentional.

Our bespoke Saysh Table suspends from our high ceiling, dominating the space while giving the room a central focus and purpose. It represents our invitation to our Collective – you always have a seat at our table.

Saysh Blue

The space brings our signature color, Saysh Blue, and roots in the rustic Californian coast to life in a truly immersive experience. The color, which is inspired by the serenity found when the ocean and sky blend into a single, blue hue, grounds the space to create a calm, peaceful stage for meaningful connection.


We can’t wait for you, your friends and family to stop by our door to join us at our new home.


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