Saysh Amputee Policy


Saysh is committed to accommodating the unique needs of each customer, including those who are amputees. If you have only one foot and wish to purchase just one shoe, simply send an email to expressing your interest in our amputee policy. Our customer service team will promptly respond with a special code that allows you to buy a single shoe for 50% of the cost of a pair. This policy ensures that our products are accessible and tailored to fit your individual requirements, making shopping with us both fair and convenient.

We recently encountered a powerful reminder of an oversight in our approach—highlighted by a viral video where a woman candidly shared her frustration about having to buy two shoes when she only needed one. Her story resonated with us, and it was clear: we had to make a change. That's why we're rolling out a new policy tailored for individuals with one foot, allowing them to purchase just one shoe at half the price of a pair. This change is a testament to our commitment to listen, learn, and adapt. At Saysh, we strive to recognize and solve real-world problems, constantly improving to serve better and truly see our community. This initiative is a step forward in that ongoing journey.

How it Works