Saysh One

An Everyday, Multipurpose Shoe

Experience ultimate comfort with our signature Saysh One sneakers, the perfect shoe for the all day, everyday woman.  Tailor-made to take you from your jog to your gym session, to your office, then to your dinner party.  Step into the versatile world of style and performance with the Saysh One.

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Color: Monomix
Size: 7
Size chart - Saysh One

Our sneakers are designed to fit like your favorite pair of jeans, snug but molded to the unique shape and form of your foot for maximum comfort.
We recommend sizing up one half size.

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Built for women

Engineered with FemiformityFIT tech for a custom women’s fit.


Breathable liner and a flexible lacing system that moves with you


Fast, light, and easy to throw in a bag and take on the go


Experience our jacquard creel—innovative, sustainable, and breathable. Saysh leads with light, unparalleled comfort, pioneering in material excellence.

V-Shaped Lacing

Saysh's V-Shape lacing hugs your feet's contours perfectly—like custom-tailored comfort.

Narrower for Her

We craft our shoes with a narrower heel, ensuring a flawless fit tailored to the unique shape of a woman's foot.

Perfectly Cushioned

Our foam is optimized for HER, considering the average woman's body weight for a perfectly tailored, comfortable ride.

Actually Made for Women

The standard sneaker is designed around a male foot's shape, using a 'last'—a model shaped like a human foot. At Saysh, we took a different path. Our sneakers start from scratch, thoughtfully crafted with HER in mind. Our unique last is tailored for a woman’s foot, featuring a wider forefoot and a narrower heel, ensuring the perfect fit for HER alone.

Designed by Women, for Women

At Saysh, our sneakers are the result of female ingenuity, designed by women, exclusively for women. Our team of female designers focuses solely on HER needs, crafting sneakers that celebrate and cater to HER unique journey. This singular devotion means every curve, cushion, and contour is thoughtfully considered with HER in mind, ensuring a fit and experience designed for HER and HER alone.

The Maternity Returns Policy

Pregnancy brings many changes, including, often surprisingly, an increase in shoe size. For too long, the discomfort from these changes has been overlooked. Recognizing this, we introduce an industry-leading policy: any customer experiencing a size change due to pregnancy is invited to contact us for a complimentary pair of sneakers in their new size. This first-of-its-kind initiative is more than a policy—it's a commitment to comfort, understanding, and support during one of life's most significant moments. It's the kind of forward-thinking approach we believe all brands should embrace. This isn't just about providing exceptional footwear; it's about nurturing a relationship with our customers that's based on care and respect. By championing such policies, we aim not just for our customers to love our brand, but to feel a part of a community that genuinely supports them.


Founded by an Olympic Champion

In the rigorous journey to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Allyson Felix—Olympic champion and Saysh co-founder—chose the Saysh One as her training partner. This wasn’t just another sneaker; it was a testament to the brand's excellence, crafted under the vision of an Olympic legend. The Saysh One supported Allyson every step of the way, from grueling practices to the global stage, proving that these sneakers are not only born from the spirit of an Olympic champion but also trusted by one in the most pivotal moments of her career.

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