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griefHidden Griefs of Womanhood

Hidden Griefs of Womanhood

I wanted desperately to have the bravery to believe for a child, no matter how long it took. I wanted to allow myself to hope for a future family. But I struggled as I walked through the grief tha...

womanhoodIt's Good to Be A Girl

It's Good to Be A Girl

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. We are CEOs, artists, professors, and athletes. We are unique from one another, but we share commonalities that inevitably unite us, weaving us int...

Maternity ReturnsBuilding a World for our Daughters

Building a World for our Daughters

I'm currently seven months along with our first baby—a long-hoped-for little one who we are so excited to meet. It moves inside me, kicking my ribs and causing all sorts of pregnancy symptoms that ...

communityWhy We Need Community

Why We Need Community

**TEXT** Last year I moved for the 21st time in my 31 years of life. Each move took me to another place. Another state (sometimes another country). Another house. Another job. Another school. Anot...