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Where Performance Meets Parisian Chic

Saysh and BA&SH come together to redefine women’s footwear, blending athletic innovation with Parisian elegance. This collaboration celebrates the synergy of performance and style, creating a sneaker that’s as chic as it is functional. Designed for women who demand both comfort and sophistication, the SABA sneaker is the ultimate expression of empowerment and fashion-forward thinking.


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SABA Vert Sale price$200.00
SABA TerracottaSABA Terracotta
SABA Terracotta Sale price$200.00

Born to Move

The Saysh x BA&SH collaboration is fueled by a mutual dedication to empowering women through fashion and performance. Allyson Felix, co-founder of Saysh, and BA&SH founders Barbara and Sharon, share a vision of female empowerment and excellence. This partnership merges the innovative athletic design of Saysh with BA&SH’s chic, Parisian aesthetic, creating a sneaker that celebrates both functionality and style. Inspired by women who are constantly on the move, this collaboration highlights the importance of providing products that support their dynamic lifestyles.

For the Modern Woman

The SABA sneaker offers numerous benefits tailored specifically for the modern woman. These sneakers are designed with women’s unique foot anatomy in mind, ensuring a perfect fit with a wider forefoot and narrower heel for unparalleled comfort. Made with sustainable materials, such as recycled mesh and polyester, the SABA sneaker supports eco-conscious fashion choices. The chic design, inspired by a blend of 1990s and 1970s styles, ensures you look stylish whether you’re running errands or attending social events. Additionally, the lightweight and flexible sole makes these sneakers ideal for all-day wear, providing both elegance and functionality.

Sustainable Style

Sustainability is a core principle in the Saysh x BA&SH collaboration, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. The SABA sneaker features recycled mesh on the upper and recycled polyester in the lining, significantly reducing waste. The suede inserts are certified by the Leather Working Group, ensuring responsible sourcing. This commitment to sustainability ensures that each pair of sneakers is not only stylish and comfortable but also contributes to a more sustainable future

Bringing the ba&sh Collaboration to Life

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